Publishing and Production Rules

Based on the vision of King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Biography Documentation Center to be the leading reference for information and studies related to King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz - may Allah rest his soul - in terms of credibility and scientific methodology in the fields of archiving and scientific research, the center is concerned with publishing outstanding scientific works on the biography and achievements of king Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and to publicize his principles, values and priorities. Hence, the center generates studies and research, and contributes writing, translating and publishing books, and pays special attention to visual and audio production, seminars, lectures and conferences that serve the center's objectives, and seeks to build connections and exchange expertise with other scientific and historical centers to achieve the center's goals.

Publishing Rules

  • The product must be original and compatible with the center’s objectives.
  • The content must be consistent with the Islamic creed and the national and social values in Saudi Arabia.
  • The content must be written in a sound language and clear style.
  • The author's compliance with the documentation and copyright rules.
  • The author's commitment to the rules set by the Department of Studies, Research and Production at the center.
  • Meeting the arbitration criteria at the center.

Participation and Arbitration Rules

  • The research is accepted for publication only after the center’s approval.
  • The research is refereed by peer reviewers according to the following criteria:
  • A - Originality: The ideas put forward in the research should be characterized by novelty, scientific value and the author must have intellectual independence in the processing and analyzing of opinions, ideas and facts.
    B - Scientific contribution: new scientific knowledge added by research in the field of study, which has not been published before.
    C - Degree of comprehensiveness: The range to which the research covers aspects of the topics, theories, facts and principles.
    D - Objectivity: The degree to which the author follows the scientific approach in analyzing opinions and ideas, putting forward views, and avoiding biases.
    E - Depth of analysis: the degree of the analysis comprehensiveness of all the elements, ideas and phenomena of variables and relations.
    F - Scientific Integrity: The author's commitment to the rules of citations and the reservation of the of researchers and authors copyright.
    G - The comprehensiveness of the references: the extent to which the author uses new and varied scientific references from books, periodicals, reports, etc., which are comprehensively related to the subject of research.
    H - Degree of feasibility: The extent of its benefit for specialists, researchers and scholars.
    I - Effort: The amount of effort exerted by the author at all research stages.
    J - Presentation method: logical and objective progression in displaying the contents of the research, the accuracy of the writing, and the clarity of the language.
  • The author's adherence to make the amendments requested by the center after the arbitration.

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